Images of America: Syosset


A 128-page pictorial history of "The Place In The Pines" from 1650 to 1950, featuring more than two hundred rare photographs and documents.  Arcadia Publishing ISBN 0-7385-0906-X

by Tom Montalbano

First published in 2001, "Syosset: Images of America" has provided hours of entertainment for Syosset residents, past and present. Not only does the book deliver a comprehensive photographic history of early Syosset; it also takes readers on a heartwarming walk down Memory Lane.  

Through more than 200 rare photographs, documents, and news clippings, Syosset: Images of America tells the story of Syosset's development from roughly 1650 to 1950, the years leading up to the building boom that resulted in the bustling  

Did you know that Native Americans once hunted in the area of Humphrey Drive or that the British Army had an encampment in Syosset during the American Revolution?  Can you guess when the LIRR first chugged through Syosset? These and other gems, including some surprising revelations about poet Walt Whitman's disastrous stint as a teacher in Woodbury, the activities of the Ku Klux Clan in Syosset, and the eccentric behavior of some of Syosset's most colorful Gatsby Era "estatespeople" make this book a great conversation piece for the coffee table and an excellent text for local history studies.


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A comprehensive illustrated history of the Syosset Fire Department on the occasion of its 100th Anniversary in 2015.  

90+ pages, black and white.

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